Winter model plan

A trip to enjoy recreation in the snow and seek photos for social media

There’s a nostalgic feel in the air during winter in Dorogawa Onsen Hot Spring Village.
After enjoying the beautiful winter scenery to your heart’s content, enjoy a delicious wild boar stew.


Winter recreation at Snow Park Dorogawa

Snow Park Dorogawa is the best-known ski slope in Nara Prefecture. Here you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and sledding! Since it offers both intermediate and beginner slopes, even first-timers and children can enjoy the snow with peace of mind.

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From the inn: 15 min. by car


Photographing snowy scenes and the nostalgic paper lanterns of Dorogawa Onsen Hot Spring Village

After enjoying recreation in the snow, head to Dorogawa Onsen Hot Spring Village for beautiful sight that combines old-fashioned scenes with the snow-covered landscape.
Certainly photos of this nostalgic spot, like a trip back in time, are perfect for posting to social media!


Relax in the beautifying hot-spring bath

Heal the fatigue of travel in our renowned open-air bath. There is hot green tea and a kotatsu service in the room.



The menu includes a wide range of specialties prepared from the abundant natural blessings of Dorogawa Onsen Hot Spring, such as tofu made using the famed local Gorogoromizu mineral water. Dinner is served as an elegant course meal of seasonal dishes made using fresh, local ingredients. A healthy course meal, designed especially for women guests, also is available.
Recommended cuisine in winter is a wild boar stew.There are a lot of collagen in the wild boar stew.Your skin will be clean with a hot spring and a wild boar stew.


The tram to Menfudo Limestone Cave

The tram heads up to Menfudo Limestone Cave, an elevated cave with a view of the village of Dorogawa. While the limestone cave is cool in summer, it feels warm in winter. Looking down from the elevated spot, you can get a panoramic view of the hot spring village covered in beautiful snow.

Adults: cave admission 400 yen, roundtrip tram fare 500 yen
Children: cave admission 200 yen, roundtrip tram fare 300 yen
Age 3 and younger: free

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From the inn: 8 min. on foot to the tram stop