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Escape the summer heat and enjoy the outdoors in a cool resort that’s been called “Kansai’s Karuizawa”

Dorogawa Onsen Hot Spring Village has been called “Kansai’s Karuizawa,” after the famed cool summer resort north of Tokyo. Here you can enjoy delicious pears and water sports in the summer.


Picking pears at a farm in Oyodo

Distinguished by its warm weather, the town of Oyodo is a vital fruit-growing center. It is particularly well known for its 20th-Century Asian pears, of which it ships more than any other locality in the prefecture. Here you can taste these juicy pears full of delicious flavor.

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From the inn: 50 min. by car


The tram to Godaimatsu Limestone Cave

Godaimatsu Limestone Cave is a sightseeing spot designated a natural monument by Nara Prefecture. You can ride a monorail to the cave, and take a tramway up the mountain slope.

Adults: cave admission 400 yen, roundtrip tram fare 500 yen
Children: cave admission 200 yen, roundtrip tram fare 300 yen
Age 3 and younger: free

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From the inn: 5 min. by car to the tram stop (20 min. on foot)


Relax in the beautifying hot-spring bath

Heal the fatigue of travel in our renowned open-air bath. There is green tea service in the room.



The menu includes a wide range of specialties prepared from the abundant natural blessings of Dorogawa Onsen Hot Spring, such as tofu made using the famed local Gorogoromizu mineral water. Dinner is served as an elegant course meal of seasonal dishes made using fresh, local ingredients. A healthy course meal, designed especially for women guests, also is available.

From the middle of June to the beginning of July you can appreciate fireflies at the Ryusen-ji temple of the hot spring town and the Yamagami River.



Try catching fish at the Dorogawa River Fish Center

Located near the inn, the Dorogawa River Fish Center is a hatchery for ayu, landlocked trout, and Japanese char. At the river behind it, you can try to catch fish. You also can have fresh-caught river fish salted and grilled over charcoal.

Fishing only: 300 yen
Fishing plus salting and grilling: 700 yen

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From the inn: 6 min. on foot.


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Water sports in the river at Kajika Falls

Kajika Falls are located along the cool mountain stream. The falls were named after the kajika frogs that live in the clear water.

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From the inn: 5 min. by car