Spring model plan

Enjoy viewing cherry blossoms and soaking to your heart’s content in beautifying hot-spring waters: A stay that empowers women

Women guests are encouraged to enjoy an empowering, beautifying hot-spring bath with a view of beautiful cherry blossoms.


Enjoying cherry-blossom viewing on Mt. Yoshino

Nearly all of Mt. Yoshino is covered in about 30,000 wild cherry trees. The trees are lit up so you can enjoy viewing cherry blossoms at night as well.

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From the inn: 50 min. by car


Arrival at Dorogawa Onsen Hot Spring
Take a short break in your room

After arriving at Dorogawa Onsen Hot Spring Kuboji, check in and then take a break in your room. All rooms are equipped with alcoves.

Guest rooms


Relax in the beautifying hot-spring bath

Heal the fatigue of travel in our renowned open-air bath. You can borrow a colorful yukata robe.



The menu includes a wide range of specialties prepared from the abundant natural blessings of Dorogawa Onsen Hot Spring, such as tofu made using the famed local Gorogoromizu mineral water. Dinner is served as an elegant course meal of seasonal dishes made using fresh, local ingredients. A healthy course meal, designed especially for women guests, also is available.
After dinner, you might want to relax in your room or enjoy the hot springs . . .



To the magical spot of Tenkawadaibenzaitensha Shrine

Tenkawadaibenzaitensha Shrine is known as the shrine for the god of the performing arts. Standing near a clear stream flowing down from Mt. Omine, it’s long been described as a shrine that people can visit only when the time is right for them.

From the inn: 20 min. by car


Picking strawberries at Asuka Village

Enjoy picking strawberries at Asuka Strawberry Park in the Nara village of Asuka! During January-May, 15 strawberry farms in the village are open to the public. Be sure to taste the exquisite Asuka Ruby strawberry variety.

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From the inn: 70 min. by car