Autumn model plan

Recharge by making the rounds of temples and shrines amid the beautiful leaves and delicious tastes of autumn

In autumn, enjoy a leisurely stroll in Dorogawa Onsen Hot Spring Village, famous for its colorful fall leaves. Why not visit some shrines and magical spots as well?


To lower Niukawakami Shrine

This magical spot on the water is dedicated to the god of the water. It’s said that some visitors who have met here later married . . . Be sure to get a red seal after visiting!

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From the inn: 25 min. by car


To the magical spot of Ryusenji Temple

On the grounds of Ryusenji Temple, beautiful clear water gushes forth from a spring called the “mouth of the dragon.” This spot, with its clear, bubbling water and beautiful natural surroundings, has a powerful feel.

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From the inn: 2 min. on foot.

Tenkawadaibenzaitensha Shrine also is recommended

Located deep in the mountains, Tenkawadaibenzaitensha Shrine has long been described as a shrine that people can visit only when the time is right for them. It’s a magical spot that seems enveloped in its own unique aura.

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Relax in the beautifying hot-spring bath

Heal the fatigue of travel in our renowned open-air bath. There is green tea service in the room.



The menu includes a wide range of specialties prepared from the abundant natural blessings of Dorogawa Onsen Hot Spring, such as tofu made using the famed local Gorogoromizu mineral water. Dinner is served as an elegant course meal of seasonal dishes made using fresh, local ingredients. A healthy course meal, designed especially for women guests, also is available.



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A visit to Hahakodo

These ruins are full of legends of the ancient trainee monks at Mt. Omine and the mothers who guided them there. It’s also well-known as a site to pray for safe childbirth.

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From the inn: 5 min. by car


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Hunting for autumn leaves in Mitarai Gorge

In the autumn, don’t miss this spot for viewing autumn leaves, an essential part of any seasonal visit. The beautiful deep pool, so clear you can see to the very bottom, and magnificent waterfall can be viewed from the riverside walking path or from the suspension bridge above the waterfall.

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From the inn: 15 min. by car